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Yemeni forces target Abu Dhabi with drones causing deaths and injuries

Yemeni forces target Abu-Dhabi with drones causing deaths and injuries


The official Emirates News Agency announced the outbreak of a fire on Monday morning, which caused the explosion of 3 fuel carriers, killing three people in the explosion in the Musaffaa area, near the ADNOC tanks and in the new construction area of ​​Abu Dhabi International Airport. The Emirati news agency said six people were injured


Preliminary investigations indicate the detection of infiltration of small flying objects (possibly drones), which took place in the two areas, likely to have caused the explosion and the fire, and the competent authorities have been sent and the fire is being dealt with.

The Emirati news agency reported that police said: "The attack resulted in the death of a Pakistani and two Indians, and the injury of 6 others."

In turn, the official spokesperson for the Yemeni Armed Forces, Brigadier General Yahya Saree, announced on Twitter that he will make: "An important statement for the Armed Forces to announce a qualitative military operation in the United Arab Emirates in the coming time".


Despite the modest strike, it is the first time that Yemeni fighters have targeted Emirati lands, including the capital, Abu Dhabi. It is clear that this operation is only a warning, because the Yemeni Army and Ansar Allah have greater potentials and more painful capabilities.

This warning comes in response to UAE support for separatists in southern Yemen. The separatists are not only seeking the independence of Aden from the rest of Yemen, but they are now spearheading the fighting taking place in Shabwa against Sanaa far from their lands, and they have mobilized for the fights the "Giants Brigades", that is to say the elite of their forces. Not to mention Abu Dhabi's seizure of marine and vital facilities and numerous islands in southern Yemen.

Sanaa forces, which have been steadfast in the face of aggression for seven years, did not attack the Emirates and focused their responses on Saudi territory. Some analysts believed that the distance between Yemeni forces and Abu Dhabi is what prevented this from happening. It is a mistake. It is true that the distance exceeds about 1,300 km, but the bombardment of the Saudi depth proved otherwise

The Yemeni arsenal includes drones and ballistic missiles capable of hitting all Emirati cities and even reaching Israel. The Emiratis, of course, took this into consideration, but they were assured that the long distance would give their air defense batteries enough time to deal with it. Recent events have confirmed that these analyzes are wrong.

The United Arab Emirates is not Saudi Arabia. Abu Dhabi lacks the resilience of Riyadh when it comes to absorbing shocks. It should be noted that 80% of the residents are foreigners, who have come to work or seek a better standard of living. And that the UAE economy is more dependent on foreign investment and tourism. The popular saying is that capital is loose, imagine how long it will take for the economy to collapse when stability and security are absent and the majority of residents flee to their country and seek another" Colorado"

 Will the Yemenis need more than three or four missiles or drones, or even a few destabilization operations, to see the modern Babylonian towers of Dubai or Abu Dhabi emptied of their inhabitants and workers? The question is easy for anyone who knows the Emirates well and has visited them a lot before, which is my case.

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