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Hassan Nasrallah assesses possibilities of war against Iran

Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah assesses possibilities of war against Iran

In a television interview that was broadcast on Al-Manar TV on 8 February 2022, the presenter referred to the American threats against Iran and inquired about Mr. Hassan's assessment of the possibility of Washington's initiative to attack Iran?

Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah's response to the question was as follows

The matter is unlikely under the current administration. This possibility was possible and some might give it a certain high percentage during the Trump administration, in colloquial expression Trump and his patriotism, and threatened war and took matters to the brink of war and did not go to war, this administration is very unlikely to go. to war. Talking about war is always to intimidate, threaten and put pressure on Iran. Either America is able to go to war. In the end, this Iran is not an ordinary country. This is a strong regional state present that has a major role in the region and any war with Iran... At that time, I said and others said, this will lead to the explosion of the entire region... and this is not in America's interest at all. In addition, the current administration's priorities are not war with Iran. It is its priority. Perhaps it is trying to reach an understanding with Iran on the issue of the nuclear agreement. America's priority is elsewhere, meaning China and Russia. This is what the President of the United States of America and the Minister of Foreign Affairs say. And the Pentagon, and other officials in America, it is clear that the priority now is not the priority of a war on Iran. Their choice is that a nuclear agreement is signed means that things are going to certain breakthroughs, and if there is no agreement, their choice is more continuation of sanctions, incitement, pressure and betting on The Iranian interior as it was in the time of Trump

Al-Alam TV presenter went on to ask him that there are also Israeli threats to strike the nuclear facilities, as the Israeli generals say that they have prepared plans and we are ready to strike Iran. Does Mr. Hassan see that, in exchange for the United States abstaining from going to war, the Israeli entity can do that?

Sayyed Nasrallah: I am more inclined to the assumption that what the Israeli says is intimidation, as there is a real division in “Israel” at the political level and also at the security and military level. What I know from my follow-up is that most of the security and military levels are It is contrary to carrying out a military strike of this kind in Iran, for two reasons, the first: He says that this strike will not be feasible, because what you suppose of nuclear plants are not located in one place, but rather are distributed, and what is more important than material existence is scientific existence, Because there are thousands of specialized Iranian scientists, and therefore could thousands be killed through aerial bombardment? Even the security operations were not able to stop the development of the Iranian peaceful nuclear program. So, on the one hand, they say that this is useless. On the contrary, this may accelerate the Iranian nuclear program with what they fear, even if they do not want to believe neither they nor the Americans. Or they engage in that as an excuse, because His Eminence Imam Khamenei announced on many occasions, and the officials following him announced that Iran has no intention, and Iran is not in the process of making nuclear weapons or nuclear military use.

The second reason is the extent of the Iranian reaction. Iran is not kidding

The journalist continued, saying that the Zionist officials are talking about a military alliance today, meaning that they want to establish a military alliance with the printing countries such as Bahrain, the UAE and perhaps Saudi Arabia, and they are talking about the possibility of this alliance in the face of Iran, and the talk has become serious about the process of establishing this alliance and the maneuvers that Do you think the Israeli threat will remain only a threat?

Sayyed Nasrallah: The allies of the Israeli occupation benefit nothing. Rather, the allies want someone to defend them.

The states, when they print with the entity of the Israeli occupation, may this normalization benefit “Israel” financially through the investments of some Gulf states in occupied Palestine, meaning an economic benefit through economic relations. However, militarily, these countries cannot provide a benefit to Israel, rather they will turn into a burden on Israel, the example of the last model, in the recent development that took place between Ansar Allah and the United Arab Emirates regardless of circumstances, but the strange thing is that For example, the UAE, since its establishment until today, considering that it is a modern state, has bought tens of billions of dollars in missiles, planes, weapons, military technology, etc., and in the first direct confrontation with Ansar Allah, the UAE cried out, and they began to demand the Americans to send ships, missiles and planes in order to The protection of the Emirates, as well as Britain and France in order to protect the Emirates, and they also requested Israeli assistance. The Emirates in exchange for Ansar Allah, and in a first confrontation, it resorted to the great powers in the world, and to Israel in order to help protect it. What can the UAE or Bahrain offer, for example, at the military level to the Israelis in the Persian Gulf region or elsewhere?

They build hopes from sand and at best from glass

Then the master of the resistance answered the question: Will it be a wide war with the participation of the resistance axis, and what about the unity of the resistance axis?

And Iran, in the voice of His Eminence, the leader and the officials said: Iran will respond, meaning some might imagine that “if Israel bombs Iran, the Islamic Republic will depend on its friends in the region. If the Islamic Republic is bombed by the Israelis, it will respond directly, and its response will be harsh, violent and severe, and this is what the Israelis know well. Therefore, the majority on the military and security levels are against going to military action of this kind, and I rule out the rise of the Israeli enemy. And if he did something like this, it would be stupidity with very serious repercussions

It is clear that there will be a violent response from the Islamic Republic of Iran. In light of this harsh Iranian response, we will see the extent of the repercussions and developments, and at that moment, the axis of resistance is also ready and decides according to the circumstances at that time.

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